An Enhanced Look For a Daily Driver

From Sarasota to Port Charlotte, We offer Mobile Paint Enhancments and Ceramic Coatings so you dont have to leave your vehicle at a shop. Paint Enhancement is exactly what it sounds like. Its not a correction, its a way to remove some small defects, add gloss, and get your paint ready for a ceramic coating. Our Paint Enhancement is a 1 step polish around the entire vehicle, This will increase gloss and clarity while removing about 30%-50% of swirls but comes in at a lower cost than a full paint correction. This is a good option for a daily driver that you want to protect with a ceramic coating, but doesnt need to have perfect paint.

Paint Defects

You can expect a paint enhancement to remove about 30%-50% of swirl marks. Light scratches and deep scratches will not be affected by this service. This 1 step polish is not meant to do much cutting and is mainly just to increase your paints gloss and clarity before its Ceramic Coated.

Whats Included / The Process

  • Exterior Detail of the Paint, Rims, and Wheel Wells
  • Clay bar and chemical decontamination of the paint
  • Polish to refine paint and add gloss
  • Optional polishing and coating of glass
  • Prep surface and apply ceramic coating


paint enhancement and ceramic coating

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Expectations and Maintenance

After your vehicle is done you should notice an improvement in the condition of the paint. As we said this is not the service to get if you want perfect paint but this is a great option for daily drivers. As for maintenance we recommend you follow these general "rules". First off ditch the automatic car washes, hand washes are so much safer and you can prevent micro marring with proper wash methods. Secondly, keep your vehicle clean, Ceramic Coatings are made to make maintenance easy but not optional. If you never clean your vehicle then you will likely see premature failure with your Ceramic Coating. Lastly, when your ceramic coating inevitably starts to fail, typically all thats needed is a polish and reapplication of the ceramic coating.

-Take care of your ceramic coating and it takes care of you -

Paint Enhancment FAQ's

How long will this take?

Typically this job will take around 4-5 hours depending on the vehicles condition.

Can you come to my house to do this?

Yes we offer this job as a mobile service.

What defects will Paint Enhancement address?

Paint enhancement goes no further than getting some swirl marks out. The main purpose is to increase gloss and clarity to prep the surface for a ceramic coating.