Revive Your Paints Original Beauty

You may be asking yourself "What's Paint Correction" and wondering if your vehicle even needs it. Even with brand new vehicles, there is most likely swirls and other small imperfections on the paint. These can be a real eyesore especially on darker colored vehicles. To make your paint look the best that it can we offer a 2 Step Correction consisting of a compound and polish followed by a Ceramic Coating. This will remove 80-95% of the small imperfections and scratches and provide durable and lasting protection with a briliant shine.

Where do swirl marks come from?

Swirl Marks can come from alot of things but the most common reason is improper washing methods, specifically using a drive through car wash. These car washes will clean hundreds of vehicles per day so all the dirt collects on the spinning cleaners and marrs your paint when you drive through. It may not seem like a big deal but the swirl marks accumulate and before too long become extremely noticable. When we correct your vehicle, we are shaving off a small part of the clear coat in order to level it out so the marring is no longer there.

Paint Defects

We promise 80-95% removal because with the severe defects such as the deep scratches shown in the picture, they have penetrated the clear coat and have went into the paint therefore they cannot be corrected. Even if the deep scratches have not made it to the paint yet, it is sometimes not worth it to chase them due to the amount of clear coat you will have to remove.

Whats Included / The Process

  • Exterior Detail of the Paint, Rims, and Wheel Wells
  • Clay bar and chemical decontamination of the paint
  • Compound to remove swirls and scratches
  • Polish to refine paint and add gloss
  • Optional polishing and coating of glass
  • Prep surface and apply ceramic coating


Paint Correction Before and After

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Expectations and Maintanence

After your vehicle has been corrected and coated your paint will be near perfect and well protected. Like we said, its impossible to remove all imperfections because some are just too deep. Common areas that you can expect to have deep imperfections are the front bumper, around the door handles, and right below where the trunk closes. With this service being a big investment we ask that you follow these general "rules" to protect what you paid for. First off ditch the automatic car washes, hand washes are so much safer and you can prevent micro marring with proper wash methods. Secondly, keep your vehicle clean, Ceramic Coatings are made to make maintenance easy but not optional. If you never clean your vehicle then you will likely see premature failure with your Ceramic Coating. Lastly, when your ceramic coating inevitably starts to fail, typically all thats needed is a polish and reapplication of the ceramic coating.

-Take care of your ceramic coating and it takes care of you -


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Paint Correction FAQ's

How long will this take?

This is a very thorough and skilled process so it takes an entire day, sometimes 2 days if your paint is in very bad condition.

Can you come to my house to do this?

Yes, we offer this as a mobile service and come to you.

Can this damage my paint?

No, We use a thickness gauge to measure how much clear coat we have to work with.

What defects can paint correction address?

Swirl marks, buffer trails, water spots, etchings, small scratches, and usually scuffs