Tired of that nasty smell you cant seem to get rid of?

Many people dont even realize that their car doesnt smell good since you are in it everyday and have most likely gone nose-blind. If you havent noticed the smell until someone mentioned it, you may have been a littl embarressed. Luckily odors can be removed from your vehicle relatively easy if you have the right tools and knowledge.

Where is the smell coming from?

Most parts of your vehicles interior are plastics, rubbers, and vinyl which dont hold onto odors. That leaves 2 common places where bad odors typically get trapped, Your seats and your carpets. For vehicles with leather seats, the smell is usually coming from the carpets but it can also come from the seat.

How do you know the smell is coming from the seats and carpets?

Seats and carpets are the only 2 absorbent areas in your vehicle. Because of this, any drink spills, rainwater, body oils, and sweat will absorb into the seat and get trapped inside. Unfortunately because of this most people will never clean them because you cant simply wipe them with cleaner like every other part of the vehicle.

What should I do?

If your vehicle has a bad odor, we recommend that at the very least you have your seats and carpets deep cleaned. An interior detail is also recommended. Seat and carpet deep cleans have proven to be an effective method for Odor Removal, Book now to give your vehicle a fresh smell again