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Nokomis is currently our most serviced city with over 35 cars and happy clients completed this year. Many of these are repeat clients that have joined our maintenance plan to regularly detail their vehicle to keep them looking sharp. With our maintenance plan we are able to provide a high quality service at a lower cost to you. Because of this we are able to achieve a quality and convenient experience that provides amazing results time and time again.

When you call us out, our mobile detailing unit will show up with all the tools, products, and machines we need to complete the job. For most of our services from Basic Interior/Exterior detailing to Upholstry Shampooing and Headlight Restoration, we can complete at your location within a few hours. However, for our more extensive services such as Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating, we may be there for most of the day.

Detailed Tesla Sarasota

5-Star Rated Nokomis Detailing

On Time Guarentee - We always leave slightly before the GPS says to do so to ensure we can arrive on time. If traffic develops on the way we will notify you of a late arrival.

Client Satisfaction - Clients are only asked to pay after the job has been completed so that they can check our work and see our amazing results.

Proven Results - After detailing 100+ cars we have become very familiar with hard to reach and hidden areas. Because of this we can ensure quality work and encourage you to check out our Gallery.

Hassle-free Experience - All we need from our clients is an outlet and water souce, we bring extension cords, hoses, and all other equipment so you dont have to worry about anything.

  • "Was hesitant to use mobile detailing, as this company is new and the reviews are limited. I’m VERY glad we took a chance though. Very detailed work, he took the time and didn’t rush through it, and the finished product was really nice!! Our car and truck were extremely dirty, but he didn’t hesitate and did an absolute great job. Highly recommend!"

  • Suv Full Detail

    Full Detail

    Our Full Detail is a perfect all-around package for our first time clients to get their vehicle back to that like-new, super clean car condition

    Full Detail 
  • Interior Detail

    Interior Detail

    Sand on the floor? Having Trouble cleaning all the cracks and crevices? Pet hair everywhere? Let us revitalize your interior for you

    Interior Detail 
  • Applying a Ceramic Coating

    Paint Enhancement & Ceramic Coating

    Our 1-Step Paint Enhancement will help to reduce visability of swirl marks and increase gloss/clarity to prep for a 3-5 year Ceramic Coating

    Paint Enhancement 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have my vehicle professionally detailed?

You can see all of our base prices on our Pricing page. Since our pricing is heavily dependant on your vehicles condition, we will give you an estimate prior to the appointment and a final price upon or arrival and inspection.

Do I need to provide anything?

All we need from our clients is water and power. Other than that we have every piece of equipment to get the job done.

Do I need to do anything before my detailing appointment?

We recommend that you remove your personal items from the vehicle prior to our arrival. However, we will inspect the car upon arrival and personal items can be removed then as well.

How often should I have my car detailed?

The answer to this is that its completely up to you. However, We recommend you get your vehicle detailed montly to keep it in its best condition. See our Maintenance Plans to keep your car clean at a discounted price.

How do I pay?

We currently accept Cash or Credit/Debit Card

Do I need to be home?

This question is situational. If we are only doing an exterior detail, Then you would just need to be home and pay when we arrive. If you are getting the interior detailed, we usually would need the car keys so you would have to be home when we get done. However, Since our appointments usually last a few hours, you are free to leave your home while we work aslong as you will be back when we are done.