Restore Your Headlights Original Clarity

Headlights are made of plastic with a protective coating that can start to yellow and turn cloudy due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This yellowing and hazyness you see typically on older vehicles not only looks subpar but can also reduce the effectiveness of your lights. You may be surprised to know that most of the time headlights are able to be restored back to their original condition. Unfortunately on some older vehicles the headlights will begin to become faded from the inside. While we can still restore these, we want you to be aware that they will not come out 100% clear.

Whats The Solution?

Most people think that the solution to restoring their headlights is to just buy a headlight restoration kit at their local auto store, however, the truth is that these are very subpar kits that will likely give you a poor quality experience. On the other side, buying new headlights all together is expensive and unnecessary, they can cost hundreds of dollars depending on your vehicle. Instead of wasting money on a new set of lights, we can restore your current lights for $60 to $80 depending on their condition.

Headlight Restoration Process

  • Wet Sand

    Wet sanding isnt always necessary but is needed when there is yellowing. For this we will mask off areas surrounding the headlight then proceed with the wet sand

  • Compound and Polish

    After sanding there will be very fine scratches throughout the whole headlight. To remove these we will compound the headlight light then finish with polish to give the headlight that nice factory clarity

  • Ceramic Coating Seal

    Now that the light is clear and restored we must seal it. For this we will apply a 5 year ceramic coating that protects the headlights from UV rays that caused the yellowing and hazyness

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Headlight Restoration FAQ's

Can I drive my vehicle after this?

Ceramic Coating has a full cure time of 24 hours so we recommend you try to drive as little as possible to allow the coating to properly bond. Also try to keep the car out of rain.

Cant I buy a headlight restoration kit at the store for cheaper?

Technically yes, but be aware that these kits will only work (sometimes) for headlights that are still in good condition. Also if you sand them down then you need to put more clear coat on. You could buy a spray can of clear coat for about 10$ but your headlights will have an orange peel look after applying it. We use ceramic coating because it goes on smooth and provides superior long term protection. Ceramic coating is usually $70-$100 so at that point you will spend more than our rate.

How much better will my visability be?

This answer depends on how bad your headlights are, most studies suggest that restoring your headlights can increase your visability by up to 60-80%.