Far From Your Average Car Wash

Aside from the fact that typical car washes will scratch and marr your paint, they also miss a ton of spots like your rims, wheel wells, and all the harder to reach areas. Luckily for you this service includes a full hand wash that covers the entire body plus the rims and wheel wells. Using a Bug Remover, we are sure to remove all of those nasty stuck on insects. After everything is perfectly cleaned we will dry the vehicle and apply a temporary 4 month wax to the entire vehicle followed by tire shine to give your wheels that fresh, new look.

*This service includes a full bed cleaning for trucks*

The Process

  • 1

    Detail wheels, tires, and fenders with a variety of brushes and cleaners to ensure the entire wheel is cleaned

  • 2

    Debug the front of the vehicle and clean all the nooks and crannies in the grill

  • 3

    Clean hidden areas such as behind the gas cap, in the door jambs, and

  • 4

    Thorough hand wash of the vehicle to remove contamination on the paints surface

  • 5

    Dry the entire vehicle using soft twisted-loop towels to avoid any scratching

  • 6

    Dress tires and touch up on any drip marks or water spots

  • Coupes


  • Sedans/Small Suvs


  • Large Suvs/Trucks



  • Dirty Chrome Rims
  • Detailed Chrome Rims
  • Detailed Tesla Sarasota
  • Fully Detailed Red Mustang
  • Porsche Full Detail
  • Detailed Subaru Osprey
  • gmc sierra full detail Venice
  • Charger Detailed Englewood
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Wash & Wax FAQ's

Why not just go to the car wash?

The car wash seems like a good option until you realize that the dangling scrubbers that picked up every other cars dirt just rub it right into and scratch your paint. Car washes also miss cleaning the rims, wheel wells, and all of the small details.

I have a truck, will you clean the bed too?

As long as you dont have a bed cover on, a full bed cleaning is included. Please move everything out of the bed prior to our arrival.

Will this remove all the brake dust inside my rims?

It really depends on how often you clean the rims and what condition theyre in. Over time, if brake dust isnt cleaned off, it will etch into the material of the rims and permenantly damage them.