Its Probably Dirtier Than You Think

Our Mobile Engine Cleaning service is a popular add on to our most popular Full Detail package. Many people will never have their engine bay detailed simply because they never see it and may not even realise how dirty it is. Obviously, the main benefit from this service is the visual appeal of having a cleaned engine bay. And although a clean engine bay does not necessarily provide a wide range of mechanical benefits, It can help to protect against corrosion and will make it cleaner when doing any engine work. Your mechanic may even thank you for it.

The Process

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    Clean the underside of the hood and cover all electrical connections, the battery, and the alternator

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    Use degreaser and a variety of brushed to agitate all top areas of the engine bay

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    On modern vehicles, we use a light flow of water to rinse of the degreaser and dirt, on older vehicles, we will use microfibers to mop up the degreaser

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    touch up on any overlooked areas and apply trim restorer if needed

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Engine Bay Cleaning FAQ's

How long does this take?

This usually takes 30 minutes to an hour.

Whats the point of having my engine bay detailed? You never even see it.

Having a buildup of dirt, grease, or oil will not only make your engine look bad, but can also be problematic. You dont want to let any of this buildup to get sucked into your vehicles air intake. Keeping your engine bay clean will also help prevent any rust and corrosion.

Wont introducing a ton of water damage some electrical equiptment?

Spraying your engine bay with a pressure washer has the small chance to damage electrical components. Thats why we cover all electrical connections and turn the pressure washer off before cleaning the engine bay. By using low pressure water, we are ensuring that water is not being blasted into electrical connections.