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Superior Protection For Years To Come

- Ceramic Coating is included in our Paint Enhancement and Paint Correction services -

If you live anywhere from Sarasota to Port Charlotte and want to have a Ceramic Coating installed, we can help you. If you dont totally know what a Ceramic Coating is, we can help you too.

A Ceramic Coating is a polymer solution that chemically bonds with your paint and provides a superior level of protection. Unlike traditional waxing methods, a ceramic coating creates a durable and transparent layer that bonds to the paint surface. This chemically reinforced layer acts as a barrier, shielding the paint from various contaminants such as dirt, UV rays, oxidation, and even minor scratches.

With a ceramic coating, your vehicle will experience long-lasting protection that can last for 3 years or more. Not only does it offer exceptional durability, but it also makes vehicle maintenance incredibly easy. The coating repels dirt and water, making it easier to clean and maintain a pristine appearance.

Whether you are located in Sarasota, Port Charlotte, or anywhere in between, we will come to you and apply a Ceramic Coating at your convinience.

The Process

  • 1

    Thorough wash of the entire vehicle including the rims and wheel wells

  • 2

    Clay bar decontamination followed by an iron decontamination

  • 3

    Vehicle is dried and prepped with an ipa spray to remove any remaining waxes/oils

  • 4

    Ceramic Coating is applied in small sections around the whole vehicle and face of the rims


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  • Paint Correction Camaro
  • Detailed Corvette North Port

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

We've seen some misinformation when it comes to discussing ceramic coatings, so we want to make it clear what the actual benefits to a ceramic coating are.


Unmatched Durable Protection

Ceramic coatings are not applied like a simple spray wax is. When a ceramic coating is applied on the paint, we must wait for it to "flash" to show that it has chemically bonded with the clear coat and the excess can be removed. Because of this more extensive and intricate process, a chemical bond has been able to be formed to provide you with 3+ years of protection from the elements.

Sacrificial Layer

Ceramic coatings are often referred to as a "sacrificial layer" because thats quite literally what they are. Ideally you'd get a paint correction and ceramic coating so the paint is in a near perfect condition. Then over the next few years once the coating gets scratched and swirrled and inevitably starts to fail, all that will be needed is a polish and reapplication for 3+ more years of beautiful paint and durable protection.

Superior Hydrophobic Properties

Its no secret that a benefit to waxing your car is seeing the water bead up and fall right off when it rains or when washing your vehicle. A ceramic coating will bring noticibly improved hydrophobic properties resulting in easier maintenance and increased visability in rain if your windows are coated. In fact, If your vehicle gets soaked in the rain, and you drive around for about 5 minutes outside of the rainstorm, youre vehicle will be almost completely dry!

Ease of Maintenance

Having this durable layer of protection over your paint will keep your vehicle looking cleaner for longer and will make it easier to clean when the time comes. The reason is because dirt, bugs, bird poop, and everything else will not stick to a ceramic coating like it normally would to bare paint. This doesnt mean you can just never clean your vehicle and expect the ceramic coating to be fine, not maintaining your ceramic coating is known to cause premature failure.

Ceramic Coating Myths

Alot of myths circulate regarding ceramic coatings because some detailers want to make it sound better than it is so they can make an extra sale. Obviously we dont believe that is right so we want to disprove these common myths.


"Ceramic Coatings are swirl and scratch-proof"

Ceramic Coatings are only resistant to very very light scratches and swirls that can be induced when properly washing your vehicle. Ceramic Coatings will not resist any scratches or swirls made by dragging dirt, sand, or any other material accross the paint. And yes, A car wash will still ruin your paint regardless of if you have a ceramic coating or not.

"If I Ceramic Coat my vehicle, I wont have to wash it anymore"

Like we briefly mentioned earlier, If you get a ceramic coating and dont maintain it, it can end up getting clogged and eventually lead to premature failure. Ceramic coatings werent made to cancle out the car washing process, they were made to make it easier for you. Think about it like this, If you wore the same shirt everyday and never washed it, soon enough it would be damaged or stained beyond repair. However if you would have washed it regularly, it probably would've lasted you years.

"Ceramic Coatings are rock-chip resistant"

Absolutely not, whether you're driving at 30mph or 70mph a rock is almost guarenteed to leave a small mark not matter how many coatings are on your vehicle. Ceramic coatings can help slightly to reduce the impact a rock leaves on your paint, but to be perfectly honest, its a pretty negligable amount.

Is It Worth It?

Now that we've gotten the benefits and myths of ceramic coatings out of the way the real question still stands, Is it worth it?

This is highly dependant on you, your situation, and your actions. If you're going to get a Paint Enhancement/Correction and a Ceramic Coating and then continue to run it through the car wash every week, save yourself the money and dont buy it in the first place. On the contrary, If you are the type of person who is willing to care for their vehicle or hire a detailer, this may be a worthy investment. Maybe you like to keep your vehicles looking as nice as possible, in that case a paint correction and ceramic coating would be the best thing to do. The point is that it doesnt matter who you are or what vehicle you own, it all comes down to how you want the vehicle to look and how youre going to treat it.