Spot/Stain Removal

Cloth Seats can develop spots, streaks, and marks over time because of how absorbent they are. Usually these stains/spots are not able to be simply wiped off and will need a deep cleaning to remove. With this process we will use a drill brush and cleaner to thoroughly agitate any dirt, grime, and oils in the seat before extracting the excess cleaner. Usually we can remove most/all of the stains in the seats.

*cloth seats will need to air dry with doors or windows opened for 1-2 hours after cleaning*

The Process

  • 1

    Vaccuum and brush off loose or trapped debris in the cracks of the seat

  • 2

    Thoroughly agitate seats with an upholstry cleaner and drill brush attachments

  • 3

    Extract all of the cleaner and dirt leaving the seats slightly damp

  • 4

    Wipe down the seats with a microfiber to absorb as much moisture as possible to accelerate the drying process

  • All Vehicles

    $30 - $60

    *Highly dependant on number of seats and condition*


  • Dirty Car Seat
  • Cleaned Car Seat
  • Nasty Car Seats
  • Cleaned Car Seats
  • Dirty Car Seats
  • Cleaned Car Seats
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Upholstery Shampoo FAQ's

How long do Seat Cleanings take?

Typically around 1 hour depending on condition and how many passes we have to make.

Can this service make my vehicle smell better?

Yes, Cloth Seats expecially are absorbant and trap dirt, oils, and sweat inside of them. Cleaning and Extracting them will typically remove any odors trapped inside them.

Do I have to keep my doors open after this service?

If you had cloth seats shampooed then yes. If you close your doors before your seats are dry to the touch, you run the risk of having mold growth in the seats.

Can you remove all the stains/spots?

While we can typically remove all the stains/spots, we cannot guarantee it because depending on what the stain is and how long its been there, it cannot always be removed.