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  • Porsche Fully Detailed

    Full Detail

    Our Full Detail is a perfect all-around package for our first time clients to get their vehicle back to that like-new, super clean car condition.

    Full Detail 
  • Interior Detail

    Sand on the floor? Having Trouble cleaning all the cracks and crevices? Let us revitalize your interior for you.

    Interior Detail 
  • Exterior Detail

    Your exterior is the first thing people see when looking at your vehicle. We'll make sure every part of it is in top tier condition.

    Exterior Detail 
  • Charger rt with window tint

    Window Tinting

    Getting your windows tinted is a necessity here in Southwest Flordia. Protect yourself from uv rays and heat with our Premium Ceramic Film.

    Window Tinting 
  • Car Flooring Deep Clean

    Carpet Flooring Deep Clean

    Spills, dirt, sand, mud, and other gunk usually end up in your carpet. Book this service to clean and extract all of the carpeted flooring to leave a nice fresh smell and look.

    Carpet Flooring Deep Clean 
  • Car Seat Deep Clean

    Cloth or Leather Seat Deep Clean

    Your seats are sat on everyday and are usually dirtier than they appear. Cleaning and extracting them will make them look, feel, and smell a lot better.

    Cloth or Leather Seat Deep Clean 
  • Engine Bay Detail

    Engine Bay Detail

    Engine Bays are probably one of the most neglected part of peoples cars. Get it detailed for a nicer appearance and so dirt wont get into anything it shouldnt.

    Engine Bay Cleaning 
  • Headlight Restoration

    Headlights become faded and yellowed due to damage from the suns uv rays, thus affecting performance. Restoring your headlights can increase your visability by up to 70%

    Headlight Restoration 
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  • Detailed sl550
  • Porsche Full Detail
  • Detailed Tesla Sarasota
  • Porsche Interior Detailed
  • Detailed Maserati Interior
  • Interior Detaul Audi A4
  • audi interior detail

Mobile Window Tinting

At Sharkey's Detailing & Tint, we understand the importance of having your windows properly tinted, especially in the hot climate of Southwest Florida. With intense sunlight and high temperatures, window tint is essential for protecting your vehicle and enhancing your driving experience.

We specialize in installing ceramic tint, the best film on the market, surpassing carbon and dyed alternatives. With our mobile window tinting service, you can choose the darkness level that suits your preferences and needs. Ceramic tint offers superior heat rejection, UV protection, and durability, ensuring that your vehicles interior is shielded from harmful UV rays and stays cooler than ever.

If you notice that your current tint has faded, peeled, or bubbled, it's crucial to get your vehicle re-tinted to maintain optimal performance. After all, the longer the wait to retint your vehicle, the longer it will take to get off, thus reluting in a higher price for removal.


  • corvette with window tint

Paint Enhancment / Paint Correction

Paint Enhancement and Paint Correction are the top services we offer for perfection and protection. If your paintwork is full of swirls, light scratches, and other blemishes, Its time for you to consider a Paint Correction or Paint Enhancment. This is the process of "shaving down" and polishing the clear coat to level it out and leave a smooth, shiny, swirl-free surface. After we address your paint, we will top it with a 3-5 year Ceramic Coating to give you lasting looks and protection. Check out our information below to see what each service is capable of removing.

  • Paint Enhancement

    - Some Swirls and Micro Marring

    - Buffer Trails

  • Paint Correction

    - Swirls and Micro Marring

    - Light Scuffs and Scratches

    - Buffer Trails

    - Etchings

Cities Serviced

Why Should I Have My Vehicle Professionally Detailed?

We understand that everyones life is already busy enough, thats why we come to you and work on your schedule. With Sharkey's Mobile Detailing & Tint, Not only will your car receive expert attention to detail, but it will also be protected from general wear and tear to make it look newer for longer. With improved resale value, detailing your vehicle might just pay for itself. Don't settle for a dirty ride when you can have a sparkling, like-new vehicle with our professional detailing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have my vehicle professionally detailed?

While we dont give an exact price until we see the vehicle you can find price ranges on our Pricing page or on any of our services pages. With this information you can decide what works best for your needs and budget so you can get an appointment set up.

Do I need to provide anything?

All we need from our clients is water and power. Other than that we have every piece of equipment to get the job done.

Do I need to do anything before my detailing appointment?

To ensure a smooth experience and decrease the risk of missing personal items we ask that you please remove these items from your car before the appointment. If you wish to leave things in the glovebox and center console thats perfectly okay with us.

How often should I have my car detailed?

The answer to this is that its completely up to you. However, We recommend you get your vehicle detailed once every 2 months to keep it in its best condition. See our Maintenance Plans to keep your car clean at a discounted price.

How do I pay?

We currently accept Cash or Credit/Debit Card

How much does it cost to get my windows tinted?

Window Tint prices vary by your vehicle, what windows you need tinted, and if theres any tint to remove. Typically, you can expect to pay around $300-$400 for a quality tint job that lasts for many years